Raffles Hall’s Charity Golf Event

Author’s note: This is the first time volunteering to write an article as an alumni and that the article was for NUS News. I was slightly disappointed that NUS News appeared to find that this article was not good enough to make it to their main page and only quote/paraphrased one part of my article in their main article. You can read the NUS News’ version here. I decided to republish what I wrote here, enjoy. The article was edited by Mr. Ng Kar Wai. 


Generosity manifested in the form of the first Raffles Hall Charity Golf Tournament on 27 March at the Jurong Country Club. Jointly-organised by the Raffles Hall’s Alumni and External Affairs Committee and the Raffles Hall Alumni Association, it aimed to raise funds for the Raffles Hall Bursary, which would help students with financial difficulties to achieve their dream of a university degree as well as excel in their extra-curricular activities in Raffles Hall. The event, sponsored by Tote Board, DBS, Mitsubishi, NUS Office of Alumni Relations, Aranda Country Club, and Orchid Country Club, was attended by 140 golfers.

At the celebratory dinner after the golf tournament, our guest of honour, Justice Tan Lee Meng, who was also former Raffles Hall Master, awarded the grand prize, which was graciously named after him – The Justice Tan Lee Meng Cup to Joseph Ng who won the golf tournament.

Justice Tan Lee Meng, during the dinner, told the alumni that he believes that Raffles Hall is the best hall in NUS. In remembrance of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Justice recounted how the former prime minister always kept thinking about Singapore at the national and international scale but never forgot small matters like how potential mosquito breeding ground in the water collected in the banana trees around Raffles Hall during his visit and instructed people later on to drill holes to fix this.

The chairman of the Raffles Hall Alumni Association, Mr Sonny Yuen, during his speech thanked his fellow alumni for their generous donations. He hopes that the bursaries will help raise and retain young talent in Raffles Hall. This charity event initially targeted to raise SGD 200,000 dollars but thanks to the generous donations of many of the alumni, the amount raised for the Raffles Hall Bursary far exceeded the target and raised almost SGD 470,000.

The dinner honoured the generous donors. Guest was treated to musical performances from bands from the current residents and the alumni. The alumnus from the 70s in good spirit also sang the Raffles Anthem with Justice who was their hall master then.

The Raffles Hall Charity Golf Tournament was by-and-large a success. The event more than just a meeting of old friends also showcased the generosity of the alumnus of Raffles Hall and their willingness to contribute back to the current residents.



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